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1) Collection of Personal Data

• In order to provide you with our satisfying and recommended products, efficient customer service, and timely news notifications, we record some information that you have given previously from your visit to our site and your registration and browsing of our site.

• Including your name, e-mail address, gender, your account settings, IP, fingerprint data, device information, billing and shipping address information, phone number, address, credit card information, language preference, and merchandise category preferences.

• At La Vie Est Belle Fashion, we respect and take protection for your personal information very seriously. We ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. Once we receive your data transmission, we have technical and organizational measures in place to help protect your data from loss, manipulation, unauthorized access, etc. We continually adapt our security measures in line with technological progress and developments. We protect your data using encryption using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a function that encrypts all information sent between buyer and seller, including card information, so that card details cannot be read by external parties.

(2) Use of Personal Data

• We collect personal information that you provide to us voluntarily and process it for the following purposes:

To create your personal account at La Vie Est Belle Fashion.

To complete transactions with you.

To be able to contact you in the event of any problems with the delivery of your items.

To communicate with you the latest market trends and enable you to participate in promotions if you have ever subscribed.

To know your needs and preferences and recommend personalized products.

To process returns.

To improve our services and respond to requests or complaints.